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Trademark of Hidup Venture from tartessos systems and services s.l. 2022

Building living technology


All of our development projects are based on Elixir. We are Phoenix LiveView early adapters. We love innovation!

Container ship

Pioneers working with containers and cloud since 2013. We are aware that process automation is the future.


Engineers with more than 20 years of experience in network and system infrastructures.

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Why Choose Us

Surfing the wave to the future

Tech Lovers

Our life is technology, we never rest


We will evaluate your needs and we offer you innovative alternatives

Expert Staff

Specialist and professional


Cloud computing
& devops

The cloud is already the present. A new philosophy of work, a new way of doing. Let us accompany you on this journey.

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elixir & Phoenix

Tired of outdated programming languages, we decided to take the leap forward. And we have become specialists in the best web programming system of the moment.



We participate in high-level virtualization, networking and storage projects. There are still many data centers to maintain.

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Have a project?
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